Training and Development

Training & Development

Top the stage organizations are in a unvarying need to build highly goaded and a self-directed team of professionals. We at AHC Consulting provide a stack of training solutions that can help your organization build these competencies.
We accomplish this through specific behavioral and serviceable training interventions. Our training programs offer value by helping individuals relate concepts to complex business situations, hence increasing productivity and efficiencies at work. Our time tested training methodologies are based on the principles of grown-up learning.

AHC Consulting helps individuals ally themselves to the organization’s goals & get your hands on skills to augment their effectiveness, thus civilizing bottom lines and enhancing their livelihood.
Our team of trainers is a major mix of academicians, industry experts and far and wide experienced ‘Facilitators’ who provides our patrons with cutting edge services furthermore solutions.

Training Approach


The module enhances your ability to identify the training needs of your employees, teams or departments and company as a whole.  The module then automates the delivery of the training by managing bookings, venues, trainers and other resources, and issuing scheduling information and reminders. When it is used in conjunction with our Performance Management module, it is a powerful tool for building, managing and developing your workforce.

Key features include:

  • Training budgets & cost control
  • Company policies & business objectives
  • Flexible skills framework
  • Multiple development activities
  • Course pre-requisites
  • Delegate attendance bulk booking
  • Development activity and event evaluation
  • Learning programme history
  • Employee waiting list management

We give the impression of being at training need identification as the most imperative part of the Client Engagement Process. Our advisors and research squad through its expert section of consultants, develops an effective and efficient TNA (Training Need Analysis) process. We invest extensive time and effort in indulgent and identification of learners’ needs and essential alignment between training needs and business objectives. Subjective with your organizational needs, financial plan and time factor, we adopt different tools like questionnaires, focus group techniques, observation tools, data analysis or a mishmash of these. 


At AHC we believe in the pragmatic training advancement. We hunt to persuade sovereignty and empowerment in individuals through case studies, coursework, role-plays, games and training, simulations and ‘Action Plans’ in order to make sure practical and considered applications at the place of work. HR training and development services from AHC will boost performance and make certain that there are considerable benefits derived from implementing your universal culture. We understand your need for a common view of “"how things work" transversely levels, across departments, among new employees and the old hands, at each one of your locations, and suggest training solutions that give surety to you and honest Return on Investment (ROI).

Training Roadmap

AHC guidance Solutions follows an only one of its kind approach to training. We see training from the standpoint of a business case and endeavor to get to the root of the setback. The spotlight is on the expansion of a planned direction for the customer. Once this direction is unwavering, the rest falls into place.
This roadmap enables Training Solutions to provide a holistic, all-inclusive solution that takes into account the client’s exclusive culture, background, etc.


Instruction Design

Our training tactic ensures that the module – it’s objectives, methods and resources – take into account the unique experiences of the participants. In this way learning is participant-centered, with the trainer pretentious the role of a ‘facilitator’– someone who guides and ropes the participants through their learning experiences.

 Our Expertise

  • People Development
  • Personal Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Management Development Programmes
  • Human Resource
  • Outbound Programs
  • Finance for Non-Finance
  • Excelling in the ITES Domain
  • Sales Skills  

People Development

  • Cross Culture Management
  • Innovative strategic Planning
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Ethics, Value & Vision
  • Strategic Business Training
  • Management

Personal Development

  • Communication Skills
  • Advanced Business Communication
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Work Life Balance
  • Personality Development
  • Business Etiquette
  • Process Orientation
  • Influencing Skills

Supply Chain Management

  • Inventory Management
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Strategic SCM
  • Supply Chain Operations
  • Strategic Resource Analysis

Management Development Programmes

  • The Leadership Boot Camp
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills
  • Adapting To and Leading Change
  • Leading High Performance Teams
  • Leadership Effectiveness & Emotional Intelligence
  • Supervisory Skills
  • Transformational Leadership

Human Resource

  • Basic HR and Non HR people
  • Interviewing skills
  • Train & Trainer
  • Organizational Branding

Outbound Programs

  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Creating Team Synergy
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness 

Sales Skills

  • Selling Techniques
  • Leading sales Team
  • Negotiation skills
  • Probing skills
  • Key Account management
  • Strategizing Valuable relationships

HR Generalist Training

AHC is an Training & Development Company and we endow with HR Generalist Practical Training for more than yrs with a Proven Track Record to train Human Resource at all level. AHC always invites Professional / Fresh MBA HR /Pursuing MBA/Graduates/PG for HR Generalist Coaching Classes Institute with Real Time Exposure.

  • Web / Desktop Base
  • Presentations/Demonstration/Practicals of concepts.
  • Handouts/Assignments/Real-time Exposure to work on Clients

Corporate Training

Corporate training is a means of ensuring that employees improve skills and enhance performance by focusing on professional development. Employers utilize training to acclimate new employees, teach current employees new skills for the same job, and to advance employees into jobs requiring different skill sets. Training could be specific to a company or it could be general. Training targets behavior directly, and might indirectly influence thought processes. This typically calls for more than a lecture format. Training might start by specifying steps needed to accomplish a particular task, but more than this is needed to assure that certain skills or procedures are learned. Participants in a training course should practice the desired behavior and receive pertinent feedback to support what's right and correct what's wrong. If feedback is given genuinely in a trusting and caring atmosphere, behavior might not only be directly improved, but one's thinking or attitude associated with the behavior might be positive.