HR Outsourcing


AHC development usually known as 'Recruitment Process Outsourcing' aims to give solution to clients when in need of large number of employees on board in small span of time. We work with our clients to guarantee that they have the right people in the right positions to provide maximum results, whether you’re looking to serve your current workforce, proactively prepare for future growth or analyze employee efficiency.

Our diligent and full proof processes ensure hassle free recruitment of large numbers through advertisements while ensuring that we maintain warmth in our contact with the candidates. We work in numerous ways to complete the objective in a cost effective and timely approach. We could utilize our proprietary databases of scenario, or a relevant mishmash of telephonic research, data mining and many other techniques to source candidates. These are then cautiously evaluated in a multi-step process that includes telephonic interviews, background screening, assessments of skills and fit with the corporate customs. We gripe up our recruiting prop up services by provide you services for Job Posting, Research Candidates on Job Boards, Research Passive Candidates on the internet, Resume Screening from your inbox or in-house database and through Name Generation.


  • Partner in strategizing recruitment plans and stages
  • Provide dedicated personnel, telephone numbers and mail id’s.
  • Design & release Advertisements
  • Receive applications
  • Scrutinize and screen applications
  • Maintain all records and database securely
  • Respond promptly


  • Specialists at work
  • Relevant Profiles
  • Quality process adhered
  • Wide Reach
  • Single point contact
  • Existing strong network world wide
  • Quick scale up or down

As an alternative, for those organizations that are confident that they will just need the odd few minutes or occasional day of our time, a "pay-as-you-go" option of outsourced advice and support is available. Linked to this, you can for a nominal fee receive Employment law updates so that you can keep abreast of such changes and plan for them.