HR Audit


The risks that take place from legal non-compliance are ruthless with financial compensation in some cases uncapped and with the prospect of unfair dismissal claims; there is a on the rise need for businesses to ensure that their HR practices and approaches are legally compliant and effective. 

There are three phases to the HR audit

  • A review of relevant HR documentation currently used such as recruitment paperwork, contracts of employment etc. to assess its compliance to employment legislation and best practice.
  • Interviews with up to three staff to gain feedback on your current HR practices.
  • An analysis of the outputs from the above two phases from which a comprehensive report is produced for you on the gaps, risks and improvements identified together with the work needed to progress these.  An estimate of the cost of progressing the work identified is included within the report.   

The scope of the HR audit

This is a comprehensive audit of your HR practices. We review your existing documentation, interview key personnel and then assess the output from these two activities and detail the full results of the audit in a report to you. This report will highlight the work needed to ensure that your operation is legally compliant as well as highlight the improvements that can be made to your operation.

The scope of the audit is wide and includes:

  • Recruitment & selection
  • Pay & benefits
  • Contracts, terms & conditions of employment, staff handbook & HR policies
  • Performance Management/Appraisal
  • Training & development
  • Discipline & grievance procedure
  • Absence management
  • Staff morale