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Influential look to HR to take in hand issues related to the fight for talent, global expansion, increasing regulations, and the dynamics of an aging workforce and generational differences. With our assurance to fit the right people into roles that bring out the best in them, we bring manpower whose skills and talents give organizations an edge over their competitors. A strategic perspective of our clients, its objectives and culture, form the backbone of our search. We are active in the India, Malaysia and Singapore market and have provided workforce for a wide variety of clients from different industries. We have in job specialists from the various industry segments such as Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Engineering and Utilities, FMCG and Retail, besides addressing the crucial IT and Corporate sectors. In addition to our HR as a Service offering, AHC also provides full end-to-end HR solutions on the traditional ERP technologies.

Time-honored by Industry professionals, AHC has been serving the business interests in the regions of India, Malaysia and Singapore and sooner will be starting our operations in UAE & Canada as well. We have an enthusiasm for combining hands-on, personal service with an unbiased, independent view. That’s why when you work with us; you get a consulting team that is enthusiastic towards helping your company do what it desires to do to do well. We enhance productivity, flexibility and customer responsiveness with ERP software solution that tackles the needs of an organization, taking into account the process view to meet an organization's goals while incorporating all the functions of an organization.

We empower organizations to get the most out of their performance by developing and supporting organizational approach and effectiveness through talent management. We enable constant growth and profitability by involving human capital development to business domino effect. Our consultants endow with fresh belief about how and what you compensate your people. We partner with you and your team to develop recompense, performance, and organizational blueprint and development solutions that support with your corporate strategy and go well with your company's culture. Then we tag on through to make certain the solutions are on track and helping you achieve your goals.


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We aim to provide a solution to hire a right talent in prompt and professional manner at affordable price.


We are implicated in the HR staffing sphere of influence with several clients.

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You need to review what the employer is looking for and fine tune it and the covering letter each time.


We at AHC Consulting provide a stack of training solutions that can help your organization build these competencies.


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